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Massage in Arvada

“We Plant” Trees Planted in our Forest!

Thank You To Our Clients!

Welcome. You made it here!

Did you get here by chance? If so, we’re glad you did. More likely though, you are here because you are actively searching for better health.

Is it Physical pain from an injury or just daily living? We’ve got a treatment for that.

Is it Emotional pain from living a life of stress and poor eating habits? We’ve got a treatment for that too.

No matter the reason, you found us and we are so happy to help. We are here to be your PCP – Preventative Care Practitioners easing your pain and connecting you back to mind, body and spirit.

Always remember one very important thing….. You Are Boundless!

Our Commitment
We are committed to living well…and doing well. Boundless Body and Wellness strives to make a positive impact on the community through our sustainability initiative. We plant a tree for every client we see. We’ve gone digital reducing our need for paper. We use a quality water-filtering system to avoid plastic bottles. And, we make our own lotions and products, reducing the toxic load on the body and the planet. Let’s keep doing good together!
We Plant
Boundless Body and Wellness is a preventative health practice seeking ways to give beyond our doors and into the world. We selected ForestNation to further our sustainability initiative by planting a tree for every session booked! We keep growing and deepening our roots in health – so naturally planting a forest is the right fit! We hope, by planting more trees, we give back to the planet all that she gives us. Connecting to breath – planting a forest to give oxygen and to release the feel-good chemicals that soothe and heal us all! You can plant a tree just by booking our services; but you can also help the Boundless Forest grow by purchasing a tree at any time. Click on the leaf icon on our site to see our impact since June 2021!

Purchase a tree!

Covid 19 Policy

We are a Covid-19 safe environment, taking precautions and following all the necessary guidelines. Following Jefferson County Public health. We are now a mask-free facility but ask that you reschedule your appointment if you present any symptoms of illness. We also ask for mutual respect. If you or your therapist requests “masking up”, let’s all comply supporting each other’s safety and comfort concerns. We continue to follow strict disinfecting protocols and use HEPA air filtration in the treatment rooms. Thank you and enjoy your session!

How Can We Help?
Massage Therapy in Arvada

Are you sore, injured, or just uncomfortable? We are here to help, offering integrated therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, CBD massage and Trauma Touch Therapy massage.

Health Coach

Work with the Ambers! They will be your guide to learning Mindful-based living including Stress Management, Emotional Resiliency, Mindful Eating concepts and so much more for a balanced life. Live with less stress and more ease! We will help show you the way.

Michelle will perform acupuncture which is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system that can help the symptoms you are experiencing.


Energy Therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that is based on the belief that there is vital energy flowing through the human body, with the goal to balance that energy flow. There are many methods employed to achieve flow and release, each with their own benefits and sensations to the recipient.

Learn more information and Register for classes through our class and events tab, or click “book online”.

Yoga for Self-Love

This deep stretching class will leave you feel more relaxed and filled with loving kindness toward yourself…and others.

Yoga for Moms-to-be

Join us as we share safe movement and breathing techniques as baby grows and your body changes through the trimesters.

New Moon Meditation and Mala Making

Refresh and renew with this centering workshop in self-expression and gratitude crafting your own unique mala.

Tori Price, Boundless Body & Wellness Featured Artist

Tori Price is our Featured Artist in our new Art Gallery. Come into the office or see below and check out her beautiful art that is available for sale. Join us Feb 3rd, 6-8p for a free opening reception and Happy Hour.

What Makes Us Different

1We know anatomy. To us, it’s more than a name of a muscle, nerve or bone. It’s a movement; a purpose and function; an instrument that keeps you moving or slows you down. We work with your body, encouraging release and motion, relaxation, energy and ease.

2We believe in whole body care, meeting you in the moment. Each session may look and feel a bit different, as your needs naturally shift day-to-day. We work as an integrated team to give you the best, dedicated care physically, mentally and energetically.

3We’re dedicated to making Boundless Body and Wellness your place, giving you the space and time to heal. You don’t just get an hour or more on a comfy table with a specialist. You get an hour or more to just BE; to stop doing, to feel and be held. In one place you can receive a treatment, sip on hot tea, enjoy local art…and just breathe. That’s wellness well done!

 Voted “Best of the Best” in 2022

⭐ Best Massage Company by Arvada
⭐Best Wellness Center by Arvada

Boundless Body & Wellness Art Gallery

Tori Price – Featured Artist

Tori Price is an intuitive artist, teacher and healer from Atlanta, GA and currently lives in Denver, CO. Though she has made art her whole life, she fell in love with painting and its therapeutic properties in 2014 and created her art business in 2016 to dive into her creativity and share her art and teachings with others.

Tori creates paintings, collages, and murals as a tool for healing, both for herself as a maker and for you as a collector. Themes of empowerment, nature, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of life are woven throughout her work. Her work has evolved over the years, from inspirational word art to conceptual, abstract art to animal art; she is now an animal artist and is passionate about the energetic wisdom of nature and the spiritual lessons that animals offer us. Her most recent collections empower you to remember: you are wild, you are whole, and you are not separate from nature. You ARE nature.

Tori is a self-taught  artist with a passion for energy and well-being, Tori loves to experience and share the healing that art, nature, yoga, energy healing, meditation, and breath can bring to our bodies, minds, and spirits. She received her BA in Psychology, with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Furman University. After completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Vira Bhava Yoga in 2019, she went on to complete a healing artist residency with Rhythm Art + Yoga in 2021 and a yin yoga teacher training in 2022 with Always-At-Aum Yoga School.

Tori is thrilled to share the “Enough” collection in the Boundless Gallery. You can follow her on Instagram at @toripriceart and visit to learn more about Tori and her work.

Tori Price, Boundless Body & Wellness Featured Artist
Tori Price Art Mural

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