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By: Amber Stevens

Author of  Food, Feelings and Freedom: The End to Emotional Eating

Life Habits

It’s not your lifestyle that’s the problem! “I need to change my lifestyle. It’s not working for me. I need to be healthier.” I hear this, or a version of this, many times a day as clients reach out for...

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Feeling off balance? Check your breathing!

It’s cold and flu season again. We’ve had the sniffles and found empty tissue boxes. The body feels pretty “blah” at this time but have you noticed something else? - a sense of moving off balance or actual vertigo...

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5 Body Acceptance Practices You Can Try Today

When it comes to our bodies, I frankly, am sick of tired of the notion of waiting. That notion of until next year,  of putting living life off—for when the “ideal” weight is reached, or when those jeans fit...

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Thigmotropism: Response To Touch

Let’s channel our inner Dora the Explorer - “can you say Thigmotropism?” Ok so this isn’t a Spanish word like Dora is fond of, but it was certainly Greek to me the first time I heard it. Thigmotropism, or...

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Time for the Ahimsa Diet

A new word entered my world and I can’t shake the meaning. This word - Ahimsa - means “do no harm”. It is a sanskrit word to abstain from causing injury. As a wellness practitioner, I’m very aware of...

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Is Your Posture Straight or Does Your Brain Just Think So?

Is Your Posture Straight or Does Your Brain Just Think So? Let’s talk posture as it’s a frequent conversation point with my teenage sons. I see them hunched over their laptops for homework, and slouching on the couch for video games. Thankfully,...

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Massage Satisfies All 5 Love Languages

Massage Satisfies All 5 Love Languages Are you a quality time kind of person, or a gift-giver? If you’ve read The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman then you are one of the 20 million (and counting) who know a new...

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Interested in Intuitive Eating? You must do this first!

Interested in Intuitive Eating? You must do this first! Are you fed up with dieting? Good. Fad diets often lead to disappointment and long-term weight gain. So now, you’ve started looking for what you can do to eat healthy and...

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