Preferred Partners

Preferred Partner, Nutritionist

Becky Bell, Nutritionist
Rooted Nutrition Therapies

Becky specializes in promoting balanced nutrition and improving gut health. Her expertise can help individuals lose weight, transform their relationship with food, and break free from the cycle of dieting for good.

Preferred Partner, Physical Therapist

Andrea Nied, PT
Movement Physio & Wellness

Andrea offers expert care for pelvic floor problems, alleviating back and pelvic pain, and enabling individuals to resume their favorite workouts and Colorado activities pain-free. Her specialized services cater to those seeking relief and a return to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Preferred Partner, Chiropractor

Jennifer Andrade, DC
Elevate Health Chiropractic

Jennifer at EHC understands that many consider pain to be a normal aspect of life, but she believes in the body’s innate healing capabilities. Through a holistic approach, she identifies the source of your pain, devises a personalized plan, and supports your journey back to a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Preferred Partner, Naturopathic

Dr. Jessie Miller
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jessie is a Naturopathic doctor practicing in Wheat Ridge, CO and via Telemedicine. She focuses on all things Women’s health, pediatrics, and digestive and is passionate about getting to the root cause of dis-ease.

Preferred Partner, Physical Therapist

Matthew Bressan, PT
Threshold PT & Performance

Matthew Bressan values the fundamental importance of one-on-one attention in physical therapy, fostering meaningful patient relationships. Through these connections, he tailors each individual’s therapy journey to achieve their specific wellness goals.

Preferred Partner, Physical Therapist

Sarah Morrison, PT
Empowerment Physical Therapy

Dr. Sarah specializes in innovative evidence-based nervous system regulation techniques that get to the root of even the most stubborn and complex pain, stress, illness, trauma, burnout, and addictive behaviors.

Preferred Partner, Physical Therapist

Casey Murphy, PT
Empower PT Pilates

Casey’s mission is to provide top-notch care that uncovers the ROOT CAUSE and helps people find a real solution that doesn’t involve the use of unnecessary medication, surgeries, or just chasing symptoms with no results!

Preferred Partner, Nutrition School

Dianne Koehler, Owner
Nutrition Therapy Institute

Nutrition Therapy Institute offers Nutrition Therapy Master Certification and Natural Food Chef Programs, each providing the holistic training you need to achieve your goals.

Preferred Partner, Gym Owner

Kris Culbertson, Owner
Arsenal Health

From the inside out, Kris is focused on community. His Performance, Recovery, and Fitness Center is an inclusive workout center with various health services including cryotherapy, peptide therapy, red light therapy, IV therapy and more, to heal your body and optimize your overall health and performance.

Sofie Woods, Yoga Instructor
Swede Wellness

Inspired by our Swedish heritage, Sofie aims to help all of her clients live their healthiest lives. Through retreats, fitness classes and wellness workshops, she hopes to spread the knowledge and passion she has for wellness.

Dr. Missy Albrecht, PT

Proper movement helps people thrive. Dr. Missy believes movement is medicine. Through Visceral Therapy the body can work more effectively with healthy functioning organs and internal systems.

Misty Stewart, Birth Doula
Intuitive Birth

Because birth is such a significant event, education and preparation are key to achieving the desired birth experience. Misty is committed to helping parents achieve that goal.

Silver Linings Mental Health

Samantha Silverman,

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has over twenty years experience providing  counseling to adults of all ages.  Her goal is to provide support, empathy, and guidance while utilizing a non-judgmental and client-centered approach to therapy.

Other Preferred Professionals

Preferred Partner, Website Designer

Lisa Bengtson, Owner
BlendWorks Digital Marketing

Lisa’s passion for digital marketing is matched only by her commitment to your success. She crafts strategies that deliver tangible, measurable results with Website Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Preferred Partner, Realtor

Kathryn Seehausen, Realtor
Colorado Home Realty

Kathryn, a top Denver metro Realtor, is dedicated to both her real estate business and community involvement. She prioritizes client education, loves live music, and brings a positive and lighthearted approach to her work.

Preferred Partner, Insurance Agent

Rena Schomburg, Owner
Schomburg Insurance

Rena has a true passion for helping others and it shows in the office. She is eager to educate everyone on how to protect their families and businesses with proper coverage.

Preferred Partner, Baker

Nicole Bending-Lamb, Owner
Snarky Sweet Cake Chick

Nicole is a talented wedding cake baker with a lifelong passion for creating delicious sweets. When she’s not covered in powdered sugar,  she’s creating educational content and coaching other bakers as the Owner/Lead Instructor of Cake Business School, LLC.

Preferred Partner, Photography

Natalie Morrow, Owner
Good Morrow Photography

Natalie is a skilled photographer who specializes in headshots and corporate branding photography. Her ultimate goal is to offer you, your family, and even your pets a portrait session that is genuinely authentic and entirely stress-free.

Preferred Partner, Photographer

Chelsea Garner, Owner
Chelsea Garner Photography

Chelsea is a passionate wedding and family photographer, finding her greatest joy in capturing love on the most special day of people’s lives. Her mission is to bring each couple’s unique story to life through her lens, ensuring that their cherished memories are forever etched in their minds.

Kiera Schwartz, Senior Attorney

RBS LAW makes estate planning a friendly and approachable topic, not a scary or morbid one. Kiera’s priority is to make you feel comfortable (not overwhelmed) and to educate and support you from start to finish.

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