Meditation and Mala Bracelet

Explore the enchanting world of mala crafting, perfect for those who are intrigued by the idea of creating a wearable work of art but find the traditional 108-bead malas a bit daunting. Dive into our beginner’s class and embark on a journey to craft a stunning pocket mala bracelet, infusing it with the power of grounding stones and the vibrant energy of 7 chakra stones.

In this class, you’ll be guided through a meditation that centers around gratitude, setting the tone for your creative endeavor. You’ll have at your fingertips 27 exquisite 6mm semi-precious stone beads, a guru bead, and the option to personalize your mala with a charming tassel or charm that resonates with your soul.

Join our vibrant community, and let the spirit of gratitude infuse every bead you string, creating an intention-filled mala bracelet that will not only adorn your wrist but also reflect your inner journey.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

Learn more about your instructor, Jamie Everton.


Nov 12 2023


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm




Boundless Body & Wellness
Jamie Everton


Jamie Everton
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