Massage Therapy


Our bodies are designed to move. They WANT to move. But pain and discomfort can limit our desire and ability to do just that. Injury, trauma, and stress patterns can inhibit the range of motion, and increase pain – sometimes making it impossible to keep going. But bodywork can help!

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing still in use today.  Ever hit your head and feel the urge to rub it? It’s our natural instinct to touch the areas of pain or discomfort, bringing relief.  The touch is comforting and familiar.  However, massage works on a deeper level, stimulating circulation, relaxing muscle tension, rehabilitating injuries, and more.

At Boundless, you have an option to go beyond massage therapy, as we also offer deeper connections to the nervous system and emotional somatic connections residing in the body through Trauma Touch and CranioSacral therapies.

Our therapists use an INTEGRATED approach, drawing from vast knowledge and skillsets, and experience to tailor the bodywork to you.  This is truly customized for YOU, responding to what your muscles and tissues, mind, and spirit need, each and every time.

You were never meant to be constrained by your body. You were always meant to be free to move…to breathe…to be….boundless!



Massage therapy

This is not your “fluff and buff”! We flow through Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release and Sports techniques to realign your muscles and increase your range-of-motion.

Do you have an injury? Do you experience chronic neck and shoulder fatigue? Does your body feel “stuck”? Are you recovering from childbirth? This massage will bring back balance and movement while relieving stress and tension.

You also have a choice of our Arnica-based or CBD-enhanced non-toxic lotions for your treatment. We use only the highest quality, non-GMO Cannabidiol (CBD) oil to better enhance your anti-inflammatory response in the body. CBD reduces pain, stress, and anxiety by impacting the endocannabinoid receptors present in the body.

Our treatments “go to 11!”

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Prenatal MassageThis is a specialized massage to meet the special needs for mommy and baby. We use the Body Cushion System to comfortably support mom while lying face down, even into the third trimester.  Special attention and care allows for a wonderful connection before birth.

Prenatal massage releases pressure, improves circulation, improves sleep, reduces stress and aids the body’s natural ability to prepare for labor and delivery.

The body feels better….mommy feels better….and baby is happy!

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Trauma Touch Therapy (TTT) is a gentle, effective treatment to address buried traumas, pent-up emotions and deep tension throughout the body. This therapy is specifically designed for those that have experienced all types of trauma – from physical and mental abuse, to the loss of a job or a loved one. These losses can range from our sense of self, trust, capability, worth, value, power, our bodily rights and/or a sense of belonging.

Trauma lives in the body, often needing support to process out. Our TTT therapist provides a safe environment that respects client’s boundaries and allows for trust to build. Through trust and compassion, trauma can release and the mind/body connection can open and strengthen. This therapy is client-centered and client-led in order to facilitate empowerment, restore that which may have been lost in trauma, and impart the ability to find fun, creativity and joy once again.

Is Trauma Touch Therapy massage? 

No. Trauma Touch Therapy is a method of bodywork, and the therapist may place their hands on you, but it is not technically massage. The therapist will ask your permission before placing their hands on you, and you will decide exactly how and where. The touch is usually static and very light. This method is called Simple Touch, and is designed to support and bring attention to an area of your body that is holding trauma.

Is Trauma Touch Therapy talk therapy? 

No. Because Trauma Touch Therapy deals with trauma in the body, it’s not necessary to discuss your trauma, or even know what caused it.  TTT supports and calms your nervous system, the stress centers of your brain and the tissues of your body, helping you to release the effects of trauma, separate from the emotions and events surrounding it.

I don’t have any big traumas in my life, but I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Can Trauma Touch Therapy help me?  

Yes! Your Trauma Touch Therapist helps your nervous system to calm down by creating a safe environment for you to identify the areas in which you are holding stress. Their goal is to provide you with tools to process the physical byproducts of “fight or flight” in your body.  You and your therapist work together to teach your nervous system and brain that daily stress is not a mortal threat, allowing space for creativity and joy in your life.

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craniosacral work

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, yet powerful, form of bodywork that focuses on the central nervous system and the craniosacral system – the soft tissues and fluid that protect your brain and spinal cord.

While you remain fully clothed, your therapist uses a very light, directed touch that helps your body to relax at its core. This has a ripple effect on your other body systems, allowing them to release deep tensions and clear physical and sometimes emotional blocks that are interfering with your body’s natural capacity to heal. The process can address fascial restrictions, facilitate fluid flow, help to relieve pain and dysfunction, and improve whole-body health and performance.

CST has been shown to help with a full spectrum of pain and dysfunction, including: Migraines and headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress and tension-related disorders, sinus congestion/allergies, TMJ symptoms, post-concussion symptoms, chronic fatigue, PTSD, central nervous system disorders, learning disabilities, motor-coordination impairments, and many other conditions.

Relax and Recover!

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Lymphatic Drainage MassageMassage Plus

Looking for a massage that is therapeutic, but not too deep? Want something that offers variety at every visit? Then Massage Plus is just the right fit. This massage will encourage relaxation and balancing of the nervous system through light/medium pressure strokes while offering the following options:

  • Lymphatic drainage to reduce edema and flush toxins from the body
  • Hot stones or warm bamboo sticks for deep relaxation
  • CranioSacral to help balance the cerebrospinal system and reduce headaches
  • Cupping to increase blood and lymphatic fluid flow for healing and release of adhesions
  • Reflexology on feet, hands and ears
  • Reiki for energy flow and balance

Massage Plus is here for simple TLC, or gentle therapy. You “choose your own adventure” with each visit!

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lymphatic drainage massageFeeling “congested” or swollen? You may need a flushing of your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and organs that lie beneath the skin, and it’s a critical component of a healthy immune system, helping your body to filter out waste and bacteria. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage improves lymph fluid circulation and unclogs blockages.

This massage is perfect for areas in need of specific focus to help with healing after surgery, infections or soft-tissue trauma, draining stagnant fluids, detoxifying, regenerating tissues, and more.

You can expect a light touch from your therapist, using a specific sequence to generate flow and to create space that mobilizes congested areas. MLD can be used as a specific treatment or as part of a Massage Plus visit.

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Best of Both Worlds

Want massage but also need to focus on health goals? Great – try a Coach and Calm treatment with Amber. You’ll work for 90 or 120 minutes starting with a health coaching session to amp up your health mindset. We’ll identify your barriers and set ideal goals that benefit your health. Then you’ll enjoy a full-body massage focused on your body’s needs. This is mind/body connection at its best!

But What Makes Us Different

One – We know anatomy and the mind/body connection. Really know it – not just the name of a muscle, tendon, or joint but its purpose and function. We know how your muscles, feelings, breath, and mindset work (or should work) and how they play together…either to your detriment or your joy.  We know which muscles and energy centers to target for a particular problem, which may surprise you (sometimes the troubled area is pain and issue free).  We work the whole of the body; not just a symptom. And we ask you to participate on occasion. We are in this together.  If you are interested in additional support between sessions, we are happy to give suggestions and “homework” to help you further strengthen and heal your body.

Two – We meet you where you are, in that moment. Each bodywork session with us will be a bit different as differing muscles and areas of the body may call out for attention at different times.  We’ll fix the trouble zones, soothe the other zones, and hit the reset button for well BEing.

Three –  We make our own massage lotion complete with 7 skin soothing ingredients carefully selected to nourish the skin, ease aching muscles and be sensitive to all skin types. You know you want to try that!


Ready to book bodywork session but wondering what it costs? Check out our bodywork rates.

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