Acupuncture in Arvada, You Are Boundless


Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive treatment method to help millions of people become well and stay well.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing. It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health, and improve overall function and well-being. It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems through the movement of Qi (pronounced “chee”), or vital energy which is at the root of the ancient medicine. Qi animates the body and protects it from illness, pain and disease. A person’s health is influenced by the quality, quantity and balance of Qi. When out of balance, disease and pain exists. When in balance, energy and wellness flows.


What you can expect: 

Michelle will conduct an initial exam to understand your overall  health,acupuncture symptoms and lifestyle. An appropriate physical exam is  conducted, including pulse and tongue diagnosis. Gathering this information enables Michelle to effectively diagnose and detect any specific imbalances of Qi that may have contributed to your health problems and then create a well-structured treatment plan. 

During your treatment, Michelle will place fine, sterile needles at  specific acupoints along meridian pathways. This safe and  painless insertion of the needles can unblock the obstruction and  balance Qi where it has become unbalanced. Once this is done, Qi can freely circulate throughout the body, providing adequate nourishment to cells, organs, glands, tissues and muscles. This  can eliminate pain and restore balance and harmony, as well as the body’s ability to heal itself—ultimately leading to optimal  health. 

At Boundless Body and Wellness, treatments are all inclusive and may include cupping, electrostimulation, gua sha (dermal friction), wet cupping and facial cupping. 

Michelle is passionate about learning the root causes of illnesses.  She specializes in stress reduction treatments, facial acupuncture, and treating musculoskeletal pain. Some of the issues she has treated are plantar fasciitis, digestive disturbances, menopause, female health, and insomnia.  

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are safe, effective and drug free therapies that can help address a wide variety of common ailments and problems.

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